How to Successfully Move from BigCommerce V2 to V3

How to Successfully Move from BigCommerce V2 to V3 with StoreReflect

As a merchant on BigCommerce, you should be familiar with their focus to stop supporting the V2 Products API in lieu of support for the more robust V3 API.  All new storefronts going forward will be required to be on V3 and over time support for V2 will end.  While the upgrade can be done with the click of a button – the outcome depends largely on how your store is setup.   

Significant changes were made to the way product options, option sets, variants, and SKUs work under V3. BigCommerce recommends vetting the effects of the upgrade to make sure no adverse effects occurred. With BigCommerce’s recent successful IPO, they will continue their focus to further enhance the API and thus continuing the need for seamless upgrades.   

Having a test environment that is a mirror of your live storefront where you could perform the upgrade without worry of it breaking your live store is a must.  That ability previously did not exist, but now a new BigCommerce app fills that need. StoreReflect is a new single-click, marketplace application that enables BigCommerce merchants to synchronize data between environments.  Now you can have a clone of your production catalog in a safe environment to vet your upgrade path.    

StoreReflect works with V2 and V3 stores.  It also offers additional features like data backup, content restoration, and catalog synchronization.   

We built StoreReflect to ease the day to day operation of your store. The app allows merchants the ability to build catalog data in a staging environment, and only push it to production when it is fully tested.  This is the same theory that is at play where a BigCommerce product upgrade needs to be vetted in a stand-alone environment as well.  Now you can be sure that the data in your test environment is a direct mirror of production, prior to the upgrade.  The result is a secure upgrade path, and a good nights’ sleep knowing you will not break production.  

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