Is Your eCommerce Store Ready for This Year’s Holiday Season?

StoreReflect helpsprepare your store for the holiday season

As the holidays approach, that hopefully means one thing for you and your online business – increased website traffic! This year, more than ever, eCommerce will play a HUGE role in the way people shop and spend their money this holiday season. When an influx of people are visiting your site, the last thing you want to have to worry about are aspects such as web security or customer support.

Ecommerce platform Volusion recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 27th, 2020. While that alone is no reason to panic and jump ship, couple that with 2019’s enormous data breach affecting nearly 20 million payment card details and it is wise to at least weigh your options moving forward if you are currently on their platform.

An option worth considering and that we have discussed in a past blog is site migration. Migrating your online business to another platform is an important decision – so of course you will need to do your own thorough research before making a final verdict. With that in mind, we believe it is important to be on a platform that allows you to properly scale without having to worry about anything else. As your brand continues to grow its online presence and sales, you should invest in a platform that will seamlessly support that growth. 

Based on our experience, iMedia believes the best option for potential migration would hands down be to BigCommerce. BigCommerce has experienced explosive growth in user base over the last three years and for good reason. They have ascended to the top of the list when it comes to cloud based, highly secure, robust eCommerce platforms for small to enterprise businesses alike.

BigCommerce offers a FREE 15-day trial  – giving you the opportunity to immerse your business into their platform. You can get familiar with the templates, test customer support, etc. You will quickly see why so many businesses decide to migrate to BigCommerce. Right out of the box, BigCommerce provides you with a plethora of resources geared towards helping you succeed which include but are not limited to:

  • Unparalleled 24/7 customer support: experts available via chat, email, or phone whenever you run into trouble or have questions. You won’t sit on hold for an hour or get generic scripted emails. They make it known that they care about you.
  • A scalable platform: whether you are a small business, or you are enterprise level- BigCommerce has seen it all. They can fully support your business and offer different plan levels to suit your needs as your company continues to grow its sales and online presence.
  • Built for speed and security: BigCommerce offers multiple layers of security, unlimited bandwidth, and blazing fast speed. These aspects are must haves in today’s digital world.
  • Key eCommerce features:abandoned cart saver, Facebook integration, eBay integration, Amazon integration, Instagram integration, etc.
  • SEO friendly:BigCommerce knows how important search engine optimization is and they implement the most up to date practices to ensure you stay competitive in SERPs.
  • Extensive API: the ability to integrate to any business operation system.
  • More built in features than competitors offer: get access to a large amount of tools built to help you succeed.

Businesses should always have a contingency plan – you never want to wait until the last possible second with any move you make that involves your company’s ability to generate income. Smart business owners know and preach this. They are the same owners that backup their data on a nightly basis. They are the same owners willing to pay more for security rather than take the cheaper route because they value their customers’ data. They are the same owners using BigCommerce to sell their products online. Plain and simple, BigCommerce allows you to focus on generating sales. Make sure you are ready for the upcoming holiday season and the increased web traffic that accompanies it!

Contact us to receive a free consultation and see how we can help you migrate to BigCommerce.