Meet StoreReflect the BigCommerce Marketplace App

Meet StoreReflect

Introducing the latest product to hit the BigCommerce Marketplace, StoreReflect! StoreReflect is an application that allows you to edit and manage your storefront in your staging environment and then push it to your live site when you are ready.

Designed with enterprise level ecommerce in mind, this synchronization and backup app allows BigCommerce merchants the ability to seamlessly work smarter, and not harder on the updating their site. Within StoreReflect, administrators can synchronize content, backup data, and restore information.

  • Content Synchronization
    • Build out your catalog updates, new pages, categories and brands, then sync your data in any direction on-demand or by scheduling the deployment.
  • Data Backup
    • All content synchronizations make a backup of all items before they are overwritten. You can also create backups of your sites content at any time.
  • Restoration
    • If you need to revert your content, StoreReflect allows you to restore from a prior backup either a single item or the entire backup set.
StoreReflect Interface Demo Video

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