Say Goodbye to Catalog Updates on Production

Say Goodbye to Catalog Updates on Production

Your BigCommerce store is launched and operating, but now it is time to make some updates to your catalog. Currently this happens by either one of two ways:  

  • Exporting or cut and pasting your staging storefront to production  
  • Updating your catalog changes right in production  

Both processes can be a messy, inefficient, and often painfully manual task. Not to mention loaded with risk. It happens, humans make mistakes. 

Say goodbye to those long workdays of copy and pasting or waiting up until midnight to launch a sale, and seamlessly transition your catalog data from staging to production using StoreReflect.  

StoreReflect fosters a more secure and accurate catalog authoring practice for BigCommerce storefronts that need reliable and programmatic content deployments by allowing users to work smarter in staging and only sync to the live site when your changes are tested and ready. The StoreReflect product enables users to sync data in any direction, as well as schedule a sync, or even sync on demand. Users are able to build a true replica in their staging environment, continually test, and have all necessary team members review it. Then once it is approved, push live with complete confidence knowing exactly how it will look and feel.  

Whether you are preparing for a big product launch or promo weekend, we want your team to feel secure and ready to go-live without the worry of missing an important piece of the update. Our goal is to provide site administrators and marketers, who want accuracy and precision, a newfound amount of time to focus on creating innovative online marketing campaigns that will help increase your sales funnel.  Stop doing things twice and deploy confidently with StoreReflect. 

For more details on how StoreReflect can help your team be more proactive about their content deployment, contact our team today