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As a team lead, director, or even C-level executive you want to feel confident your online store is efficiently managed. With a majority of shopping happening online, now more than ever it is essential to ensure your site is operating with the least amount of risk and following all best practices. 

When building out any website, especially a customized BigCommerce storefront, it is common practice to have both a staging storefront and production storefront. The staging storefront is where you create, test, make changes, review, and eventually get final approval before pushing your content live. Your live (production) site is your customer-facing storefront, so it is essential that it is accurate, and the customer experience is uninterrupted.   

Currently, within BigCommerce, there isn’t a way to seamlessly transition your content from staging to production. Understanding this need for operational efficiency, precision, and security – we built StoreReflect.  

Whether you are leading a team of two or twenty-two, ensure your ecommerce site is improving productivity, reduces error, and saves costs. StoreReflect allows you to avoid the risk that comes with editing directly in production or manually re-authoring from staging to production.   

Step 1. Build out your new pages and catalog on your staging site.  

Step 2. Work through any errors or design changes with your team 

Step 3. Once everything looks exactly as you desire – select which data you want to sync from staging to your live site (products, blogs, brands, etc.), give the sync a short description for your records, and click a sync button. 

Step 4. StoreReflect pushes your data to the live site! It’s really that easy.  

As a manager, having the level of control of knowing exactly what your BigCommerce store updates will look like, is exactly the kind of peace of mind available with StoreReflect. For more information on how to get started, contact our team today.