The Importance of Utilizing a Staging Environment

StoreReflect - The Importance of Utilizing a Staging Environment

With BigCommerce not having any true way to sync from a staging environment to production until StoreReflect’s creation, you may have become accustomed to editing your site in production. Even if you have not experienced any sort of hiccups while operating this way (yet), it is considered bad practice to develop and deploy from production. Below are a few benefits of having a staging environment: 

  1. A staging environment provides a collaborative solution that can be scaled: While editing on production might seem fine when you’re starting out, as more users visit your website, it can become increasingly difficult to author changes without risking visible mistakes. As your organization grows, (especially if you are enterprise level) it is vital to reduce the risk of accidents getting published on your customer-facing website. Having a staging environment gives you an extra platform where many people can all work together and see changes on a test site before your customers view it live.  
  1. A staging environment could help save your brand’s reputation: Having a staging environment gives you an extra layer of quality assurance before something gets pushed live on your site. In the ecommerce industry, it is always better to be proactive instead of reactive. It is essential to have the ability to check your work before putting it on your live site – saving you the embarrassment of having to make a reactive change because a price was missing a digit or a wrong product image was used.  
  1. A staging environment can help give you peace of mind: When it comes down to it, having a staging environment helps keep you sane. Nobody wants to deal with the headache of something going wrong on their live website. Having the ability to view your edits in staging prior to them showing on the live site can help your heart from skipping a beat when something goes wrong (as it does sometimes – we are all human after all). In a worst-case scenario, your live website might be pulled down for “maintenance” as you fix the problem – leaving you stressed as you wonder how many potential purchases your company is missing out on. When your staging site is down, you can patiently spend your time to fix any issues while your live customer-facing site stays functioning properly. 

All in all, a staging environment is something that often gets overlooked. It is a simple platform that is as close to your production site as possible except it serves a purpose your live site never should. It allows you to alter your staging site with no consequence of your live site being harmed in any way – that way your customers are never inconvenienced, and business can always run smoothly. Check out StoreReflect’s FREE 10-day trial and utilize a staging environment like you have never seen in BigCommerce before. 

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