Why Use StoreReflect for Marketing Support

Why Use StoreReflect for Marketing Support

So you’ve launched your BigCommerce storefront and are managing your products and website right within your live site. This can often be a manual, tedious task. Then, add the stress of timely product launches or successfully dropping a flash sale on the site.

StoreReflect, the BigCommerce Marketplace application made to help sync, backup, and restore data from a sandbox to live site, now adds the support for:

  • Promotions
  • Marketing banners
  • Coupon codes.

This allows merchants to more accurately time the go-live of a certain sale. BigCommerce merchants can be more precise about planning, setting up, and scheduling a launch of a new product line, along with discounts to coincide with a sale. The new addition of features gives merchants a more complete synchronization. It allows users to create and test their promos and coupons before rolling them out live.

Simply choose the promotions, coupons, or banners you want to synchronize.  Or select them all and click sync.  It is that easy.  StoreReflect takes care of the rest. 

For more information on how to integrate StoreReflect into your BigCommerce storefront, contact our team today.